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We have taken the positive aspects of an institutional trustee including good corporate governance and a cautious approach to business risk and overlaid a very personal fiduciary relationship which institutional trustees increasingly find difficult to deliver.

Our clients are wealthy individuals and families who need more than a fiduciary. They need a company that provides, in addition to fiduciary services, family office type services, a company with an extensive network of top-tier advisers on tax, estate planning and investments. Similarly they need guidance on choosing related service providers such as bankers, property managers and insurance.

Aquitaine has developed a network of such providers and can help clients to choose the advisers that best fit their wealth and lifestyle. We build a structure designed by your chosen advisers and co-ordinate all the advisers to make sure the structure is set up and run properly, that it delivers the estate planning, tax and wealth protection benefits required and allows the client more time to enjoy his wealth.


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Key Contacts

Paul Le Poidevin Director +44 (0)1481 732841 [email protected]
Steven Ward Director +44 90)1481729944 [email protected]
Adrian Pickering Managing Director +44 (0)1481732844 [email protected]
Ciara Gurney Director +44 (0)1481 732847 [email protected]
Paul Gaudion Director +44 (0)1481 732843 [email protected]