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Channel Insurance Brokers Limited

At Channel Insurance Brokers Limited we aim to provide a personalised and professional service to our clients. In doing so we achieve that extra attention to detail that can so often be overlooked in the fast track environment of insurance.

We do not subscribe to the philosophy expounded by direct insurers and so many brokers that premium is the main and, often only, priority in placing insurances. We believe that providing the correct and appropriate protection for our client's needs is the main priority, and should be obtained at the most competitive rate.

In contrast to our many competitors, we believe that arranging the insurance and collecting the premium is only the start of our role as a Broker. Handling the day-to-day administration and most importantly 'claims' is really the main focus.

Insurance is now being offered by a variety of sources such as Supermarkets, Banks and Travel Agents. However, the true test comes when there is a claim or other need which requires a professional, experienced knowledge of Insurance Policy covers, claims procedures and good relationships with major insurers. This enables the correct settlement or outcome to be achieved to the satisfaction of the client. Channel Insurance Brokers can provide that.


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Key Contacts

Tony De Sousa
Tony De Sousa Managing Director 01481 726971 [email protected]
Gareth Le Page
Gareth Le Page Director 01481 726971 [email protected]
Steve Moullin
Steve Moullin Director 01481 726971 [email protected]