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Parish Group Limited

Parish Group is an independently owned trust company and corporate service provider.

Parish Group was established in 2010 when the four directors (all commercially-minded individuals) were increasingly being asked to provide trust and corporate services. We decided to consolidate our expertise and create the truly remarkable service we offer today.

Each of Parish Group's directors has obtained a huge range of skills in trust and corporate services. We each have different fields of expertise spanning more than 50 years.

We specialise in businesses and trusts of all sizes and types including

• Asset holding companies
• Investment companies
• Property holding companies
• Trading businesses
• Small family trusts
• Retirement Annuity Trusts

As commercially minded directors, we keep our overheads low in order to pass these savings on to you. This ensures you get the best service at the fairest price - as well as benefiting from our friendly and genuine approach.

The wealth of experience we each gained in trust and corporate finance prior to forming Parish Group means we provide invaluable, helpful and practical advice.

Our expertise - as well as our solid support network of legal professionals, tax advisers and accountants - means we provide a truly individual and comprehensive service to both local and overseas clients alike.


PO Box 142
The Beehive
St Peter Port