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The island of Guernsey is less than 10km across and has an area of just 62 sq km. It is possible to walk its circumference in a day.



More than 65,000 happy people live in Guernsey.


Dairy excellence

Agriculture and farming were once very important to Guernsey’s economy and the island is still famous for its excellent dairy herd.

The Channel Islands were the only parts of the British Isles invaded and occupied by Nazi forces during WWII. Guernsey celebrates its liberation from occupying forces every year on 9 May.


Guernsey has been independent since the year 1204, when King John of England lost Normandy to King Philip Augustus of France.


Gross domestic product

The island’s GDP is estimated to be £2.4 billion, of which the finance industry contributes one-third.


Guernsey jumpers

The Guernseys worn by Australian Rules football players are named after the island’s traditional fisherman’s jumper.

Guernsey boasts both sandy beaches and rocky coves, more than 30 of which distinguish the island’s coastline.
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Roadside vegetable stalls, referred to as ‘hedge veg’ by the locals, are a common sight in Guernsey.

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The £1 note remains in use in Guernsey, nearly 30 years after it was removed from circulation in England.

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