The Future Of Offshore In A Post-Brexit Economy With Dr Savvas Savouri

This interactiveĀ GTA event sponsored by Guernsey Finance will provide the audience with a one hour talk by Dr Savouri giving his thoughts on the future for Offshore in a post-Brexit economy.

Dr Savouri will then join a panel of industry experts moderated by James Falla, Communications Manager at Guernsey Finance, for an interactive session at which the audience will have the opportunity to canvas the views of the experts as well as hearing what some of the leading voices of the Guernsey finance industry think on the topic.

They will then be rounding off the event with an opportunity to meet Dr Savouri, the panel and fellow delegates over networking drinksĀ to discuss all that you have heard over the preceding two hours and which will undoubtedly have provided you with some food for thought.


Rohais Saint-Pierre-Port GG, GY1 1FD

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