Why Guernsey for funds?

The Old Government House Hotel - Friday 04 October

Why Guernsey for funds?

04 October 2019 - Guernsey

8:15AM - 8:55AM




Did you know that the island's most powerful marketing channel is the industry professionals who work within it?

It isn’t just business development people who are client facing, touchpoints can happen across all levels and departments. Being informed and able to talk about Guernsey’s key strengths in the funds sector is important for everyone who works in and around it.

This informal session is about succinctly clarifying what these messages are and signposting where to find them quickly, should you or a colleague need them in the future. The venue will be open from 8:00AM with the session starting sharply at 8:15AM. 

You’ll hear from Marketing and Strategy at Guernsey Finance about the where and the what, then from GIFA representatives about industry’s role in taking this forward.


The Old Government House Hotel 
Anne's Place
St Peter Port

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