Green Horizon Summit

9 - 11 November 2020

Green Horizon Summit

09 November 2020 - Online

9:00AM - 5:00PM




It’s time to reset the relationship between finance and the real economy. It’s time for public and private finance to get behind the transition to a sustainable and resilient future for all.

Guernsey Green Finance and WE ARE GUERNSEY are pleased to be sponsoring the Green Horizon Summit on Monday 9 November to Wednesday 11 November.

The green transition is both an urgent existential imperative, as well as a significant commercial opportunity.  Capturing this opportunity will drive job creation and speed the return to growth. But for now, there is a persistent financing gap between net zero ambitions and reality. The Green Horizon Summit is our moment to close this gap. Our objective is to mobilise capital by converting momentum into action ahead of COP26. 

The Summit will cover five major themes:

  • Reporting, Risk Management and Return
  • Financing the Energy Transition
  • Infrastructure and Green Growth Financing
  • Resilience and Adaptation
  • Nature and Net Zero

The Summit will conclude with a focus on the concrete actions and commitments financial firms need to make ahead of COP26 in Glasgow.

The Green Horizon Summit will be delivered in a hybrid format with some content live-streamed from a recording studio in London. Attendees will participate through an online platform to allow for virtual engagement.

Join us at the Green Horizon Summit with @GFI_green and @wef.

An ambitious agenda full of solutions and innovation in #GreenFinance on the road to #COP26.