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Thursday 02 July 2020

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02 July 2020 - Online

2:00PM - 3:00PM


Welcome to "The Rise Against Risk" – this year’s version of our annual ILS Insight event which usually takes place in Zurich.

This year we will have speakers from the world’s leading centres for insurance-linked securities, including Guernsey, taking part in an online discussion covering issues including economic substance, the EU and OECD whitelisting process, green and sustainable investing and the industry’s recovery from COVID-19.

Guernsey has now for many years offered certainty and continuity to ILS managers and their funds, with a bespoke regulatory regime that has been specifically designed for the sector.

Our experience and expertise in both investment funds and insurance are combined in our ILS offering, as fund managers and promoters with capital to deploy are brought together with transformation managers who understand insurance risk.

Join us online on Thursday 02 July.

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Guernsey insurance experts Mike Pickard (Senior Manager at Aon) and Kate Storey (Partner at Walkers) have taken part in a discussion on the Global Captive Podcast entitles 'The meeting of captives, ILS and longevity' in which they give their thoughts to host Richard Cutcher on how the jurisdiction is well placed to facilitate innovation and collaboration between captive, ILS and longevity markets, and why this might be of interest and value to captive owners.

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