Sustainable Finance Week

Tuesday 09 - Thursday 11 June 2020

Sustainable Finance Week


The mainstreaming of sustainable finance: a new horizon of investment opportunity

Deloitte’s Sustainable Finance team will bridge the gap between the policymakers and the financial system, discussing the key trends for environmental and social sustainability, what this means for investors and investment managers.



Funding for Sustainability Projects - where to start?

Green loans and sustainability linked loans support businesses to transition to a low-carbon economy, but what are they and what do you need to know before you approach a lender?

Tuesday 09 June - 1PM

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ESG Investor Expectations

What is the sustainable and societal impact of any commercial operation? How should it be measured? How to respond to ESG concerns from investors.

Tuesday 09 June - 2PM

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The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

What are they and how they can help guide the finance industry to better understand and deliver sustainable investment?

Wednesday 10 June - 1PM

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How Private Equity can fight the climate emergency

An insight into the opportunity and implications for private equity when considering climate change and how responses to climate change are developing in the sector



A message for students - responsible investing

An illustration of how the Guernsey finance industry is helping to lead the way responsible investing.

Thursday 11 June - 4:30PM

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The role of impact investing in a time of crisis

The role of impact investing in confronting the coronavirus crisis from supporting immediate health emergencies and disruptions in business and livelihoods, to how investment can stimulate longer-term economic and social recovery

Friday 12 June - 10AM

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50 shades of green: the reputation risk of greenwashing

There is currently no global taxonomy for ‘eco-investments’, leaving the door open for companies to make their opportunities and practices appear more ‘green’ than they really are. Known as ‘greenwashing’, there is a danger that companies become selective about the environmental impact information they disclose, or position their impact as being more positive than it really is. 

Friday 12 June - 1PM

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Sustainability disclosure and transparency: Why and how?

Many current initiatives, both voluntary and mandatory, aim to shed light on the sustainability and ethicality of corporate activities. In the best cases, these can result in improvements to both sustainability and financial performance for firms and society as a whole. How can companies use these initiatives to add value?

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