Sustainable Finance Week

Tuesday 09 - Thursday 11 June 2020

Sustainable Finance Week


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Financing sustainability in the post C-19 era – the role of private equity

The scale and urgency of the climate finance issue – requiring trillions of dollars of investment annually – were only getting greater as the Climate Finance Leadership’s report of autumn 2019 starkly illustrated that actual investment continues to massively fall short of what is required.

Early signs are that the political commitment to these investments appears resilient. The European Commission has committed that 25% of the future EC budget will be aligned to green objectives, and writing jointly on World Earth Day earlier this year, the Co-Heads of COP26, UK Business Secretary Alok Sharma and Italian Environment Minister Sergio Costa, wrote: “Ahead of the COP26 summit, efforts to rebuild the global economy will begin. We believe these should focus on supporting a clean, inclusive and resilient recovery, building on the principles of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Private equity, as an industry with its focus on real investment in real assets, should be well positioned to assist the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. Today’s webinar will explore how private equity can support this movement in the post Covid-19 context.

Joining Dr Andy Sloan for this discussion are Richard Burrett, Chief Sustainability Officer to fund manager Earth Capital, Fellow at University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and former Chair of the UNEP Finance Initiative; Gurpreet Manku, Deputy Director General and Head of Policy at the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA); and Divya Seshamani, Managing Partner of Greensphere LLP and Member of the UK Government’s Council of Sustainable Business where she leads the Net-Zero Carbon initiative.

Today’s podcast will be Ben McQuhae, Founder and Co-Chair of the Hong Kong Green Finance Task Force and Partner at international law firm Jones Day. A leading corporate lawyer, Ben will offer Dr Andy Sloan the Hong Kong view on sustainability.



Thursday's Speakers

Below are the speakers for the various podcasts and webinars today

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Richard Burrett

Webinar guest

Gurpreet Manku Hs

Gurpreet Manku

Webinar guest

Divya Seshamani (DS)

Divya Seshamani

Webinar guest

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Ben McQuhae

Podcast guest

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