Sustainable Finance Week

Tuesday 09 - Thursday 11 June 2020

Sustainable Finance Week


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Financing sustainability in the post C-19 era and the role of private capital – the big picture

Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State, has suggested that that Covid-19 will be a world order-changing event.

While we are still living through the formative experience of the pandemic, we will be asking one of the UK’s eminent sustainable finance thinkers, Ben Caldecott, founding Director of the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme, and strategic adviser to the UK Green Finance Initiative’s Chief Executive, to take us through a provisional assessment on the structural impact of Covid-19 on financing climate action. Ben will also be joined by Anjalika Bardalai, Chief Economist & Head of Research at TheCityUK.

The first of our podcasts is with Stephen Nolan, Managing Director, Financial Centres for Sustainable (FC4S).  A UN Environment convened organisation the membership base covers Europe, the Gulf, Africa, Asia and North America so Stephen is well placed to give us a global view of the impact of Covid-19 in his conversation with Dr Andy Sloan.


Tuesday's Speakers

Below are the speakers for the various podcasts and webinars today

Ben Caldicott (HS)

Dr Ben Caldecott

Webinar guest

Anjalika Bardalai (HS)

Anjalika Bardalai

Webinar guest

Steve Nolan (HS) Web Only

Stephen Nolan

Podcast guest

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