Global Guernsey:

Continuing Market Access in an Uncertain World
Tuesday 09 March 2021

Global Guernsey: Continuing Market Access in an Uncertain World

09 March 2021 - 09 March 2021 - Online


Following the end of the implementation period, the UK, like Guernsey and other Crown Dependencies, is considered as a third country in relation to the European Union.

Whilst Brexit has led to uncertainty to many, Guernsey's offering of continuity, certainty and stability will resonate strongly - especially for those in the finance sector. Not only does Guernsey enjoy a strong relationship with UK as a Crown Dependency, its long history as a third country means Guernsey has developed its own legislation concerning tax and transparency. These have been assessed by other competent authorities and Brexit will not impact this.

Guernsey has long been a jurisdiction of choice for alternative funds and its National Private Placement Regime has been recognised by ESMA and market securities regulators across EU. The NPPR is a proven, faster and cheaper route for AIFMs to market their funds.

Hear more from our expert panel about Guernsey's relationship with the UK and EU as well as how Guernsey assists AIFMs looking to establish AIFs.

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