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The Origin of Innovation
Tuesday 13 July 2021

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13 July 2021 - Online

2:00PM - 3:00PM

In a world first, Guernsey was central to the launch of an innovative humanitarian catastrophe bond covering pure volcanic eruption. Guernsey was also home to the world's first parametric fuel and freight insurance programme. The launches reaffirms Guernsey as a leader for innovation.

At ILS Insight ‘21, The Origin of Innovation, you will learn about Guernsey's role in facilitating these transactions, but also how Guernsey's infrastructure can facilitate capital markets participants. A technical showcase will be followed by a panel discussions, and there will be an opportunity to put questions to the panel.

Insurance-Linked Securities is widely viewed as an alternative asset class that provides investors with diversification benefits due to its low correlation in performance compared to traditional asset classes. Given the continued innovation, the ability now to do social good in supporting humanitarian efforts as well as possibility of earning a return will be an attraction to institutional and private clients alike. We are hopeful that the first humanitarian catastrophe bond will be the driver for this change.