Sustainable Finance Week

Mobilising private capital for the sustainable agenda 
Tuesday 08 June 2021

Sustainable Finance Week - Tuesday


Private equity responsible investment: latest trends: it's all about value creation

Join PwC's sustainable finance team to hear the results of PwC's Global Private Equity Responsible Investment Survey 2021, and take a deeper look at private equity’s ESG journey from compliance to value creation, with a focus on private equity net zero strategies.


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Financing a more sustainable future

Hear from Lloyds Banking Group on their commitments to support the UK’s transition to a sustainable economy and towards net zero by mid-century. We’ll also cover more deeply the ways that we can support businesses on their own transition journeys, and provide opportunities for an open Q&A.

Tuesday 08 June - 10AM - 11AM

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Funds: Credibly Demonstrating Impact through Adopting Global Standards

Innovest Advisory discusses the global standards for sustainable and impact funds, providing fund managers, promoters, sponsors, fund administrators, and fund lawyers with a primer on the rationale for signing up to global standards, as well as outlining the process and benefits of third-party verification.

Tuesday 08 June - 11AM - 11:45AM

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Impact Branding: The new approach to communicating sustainability propositions and securing credibility in ESG

Sustainable finance propositions often run into investor cynicism regarding their authenticity. In the context of its new Impact Branding service, Capital Communications discusses new ways to secure and substantiate credibility for ESG offerings, and overcome investor audience scepticism about greenwashing

Wednesday 09 June - 3:30PM - 4:30PM

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Sustainable Insurance Cover: A Collaboration

Can a tailored insurance product help to reduce Guernsey’s carbon output? Channel Islands Adjusters Co-Founder Julie-anne Headington discusses the opportunities available to local insurers and policyholders to develop sustainable insurance cover to achieve a reduction in future insurance claims, longevity of products, reduced maintenance and less waste.

Thursday 10 June - 10:30AM - 11:30AM

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Sustainability and Climate Change - Understanding Directors’ Duties

Exploring the topic of Director's duties through the sustainability lens and setting out how climate change has evolved from a purely 'ethical' or 'environmental' issue to have mainstream recognition as a material finance risk across physical, economic transition and litigation dimensions.

Friday 11 June - 8AM - 9:15AM

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