Virtual Funds Masterclass Week

Monday 10 May - Friday 14 May 2021

Virtual Funds Masterclass Week

10 May 2021 - 14 May 2021 - Online

Guernsey has a global reputation for its jurisdictional stability, security, certainty, and success on economic substance. Features that have made it a highly attractive jurisdiction for the domiciliation of various financial services activities, notably the servicing and administration of investment funds.

The island’s fund regimes are not only simple and flexible in nature, but also vary widely catering for different needs. From authorised and registered to open-ended and closed-ended, Guernsey’s fund offering covers a range of requirements that competitor jurisdictions typically do not.

A flagship product for the island is the Private Investment Fund (PIF) which provides a popular route to launch private funds, providing managers with greater flexibility and simplicity. Following recent revisions, the PIF regime will provide new routes to enable a PIF to be created. The first includes doing so without an attached Protection of Investors Law licenced manager, the second enables all investors to meet criteria aimed at protecting more vulnerable investors, and the third allows for a PIF to be created as a bespoke private wealth structure requiring a family relationship between investors.

Guernsey’s extensive offering has led to it being accredited as a fund’s leader:

  • #1 leader in LSE listings, with over 100 listings – the highest number of any overseas jurisdictions.
  • Market leader for European private equities market.
  • Highest number of funds sold into the USA under Regulation D Private Placement, relative to other well-regulated international funds jurisdictions.