Women and Governance in Family Office

Wednesday 28 April 2021

Women and Governance in Family Office

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28 April 2021 - Online

2:00PM - 3:00PM

Guernsey, as a jurisdiction at the forefront of Family Office and the servicing of private wealth, is better placed than many to explore the issue of Family Office good governance and the important role of women and their proper representation at all levels within Family Offices.

Research commissioned by WE ARE GUERNSEY reveals that the number of Family Offices operating world-wide has doubled over the past decade and there are now approximately 5,000 Family Offices, mostly in Europe and North America.

As the Family Office becomes ever more popular as a vehicle for the servicing of private wealth and in enabling global capital flows into both private and public markets, it comes further under scrutiny.

Along with the rest of the corporate world, issues of good governance and gender diversity have rightly been raised. The issues of good governance – and how best to achieve it – and the importance of female representation are quickly becoming issues of monumental importance.

At our Industry Update event in January 2021, WE ARE GUERNSEY Chief Executive Rupert Pleasant announced that 2021 would be the year of private wealth in Guernsey.

So, join us for our first private wealth-focused webinar to hear from our expert panel about the role of women in achieving and maintaining good governance, why these two issues are unquestionably important but also inherently intertwined – and how Guernsey can help.

For any queries on this event, please contact Emily Lowe.

Women in Family Offices podcast

As the degree of female representation comes into question in the corporate world, the family office sector has been no different. Given this, WE ARE GUERNSEY commissioned Family Capital to research the role and representation of women in family offices globally, with findings compiled into a single report - Women in Family Office. To discuss the report and its findings, Rosie Allsopp, Communications manager at WE ARE GUERNSEY, is joined by two Guernsey-based lawyers; Elena Gogh and Rajah Abusrewil.