Guernsey Funds Forum

Thursday 11 May 2023

Guernsey Funds Forum 2023


“A lot of what we do is talking about the finance, and the financial returns for our clients, but hearing today about the wider role that the funds industry can play and some of challenges the world is facing... it was pretty inspirational.”
- Director, London



“I’ve attended a number of previous Fund Forums and without a doubt this year was the best.”
- Vice President, Guernsey



“It was great to meet and see familiar faces along with new, a specific highlight for me was key note speaker, Steve Backshall to finish things off.”
- Senior Underwriter, Guernsey



“Guernsey Finance put together an excellent event. The masterclasses were perfect! In two short sessions, you learnt what you needed to know about the fund structures and how flexible they were.”
- C-Suite, London