Traditional Guernsey milk cans have been crafted in Guernsey for more than 1,000 years by specialist crafters. Today, our investment fund practitioners are renowned for their ability to craft specialist products for their clients' needs.


During the 18th century, our expert crafters used Guernsey granite to build quality structures on the island. We have evolved – now it's our financial experts building quality structures in Guernsey.


The Little Chapel, one of Guernsey’s best-loved landmarks, has been lovingly reconstructed three times during its history.

Similarly our finance sector is underpinned by a culture of renewal and innovation continuously introducing products such as the Guernsey Green Fund.

Investment management



The Guernsey Investment & Funds Association (GIFA) was established as a trade association in 1989 and merged with the Guernsey Investment Managers and Stock Brokers Association (GIMSA) in 2019. GIFA  was formed to represent the Island’s growing fund and investment management industry. Our membership spans the whole spectrum of the Island’s investment community, including fund managers, administrators, custodians, investment managers, stock brokers and non-executive directors as well as professional firms such as lawyers, accountants and consultants who are closely involved in the work of the investment industry.

GIFA’s principal objective is to protect and enhance the collective interests of its members. This means working closely with the Island’s government, promotional agencies and regulators to ensure that investment & funds businesses are able to develop and introduce new products and services to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the international investor. It also means striving to maintain the Island’s reputation as a safe and well regulated offshore centre with a strong commitment to investor protection.

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