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Guernsey Green Finance is the brand through which Guernsey Finance delivers on Guernsey's strategic commitment to sustainable finance.

24 Sep 2020

Private Wealth Financing Sustainability Webinar

02 Nov 2020

Guernsey Funds Forum Webinar


Financing sustainability in the post C-19 era

On-demand webinar series


Coming into 2020, climate finance and financing sustainability had moved definitively front and centre of the global policy agenda. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, changing the world order, climate change remains a threat that has not gone away. The impacts and influences of the Covid-19 pandemic will be deep seated and structural.

While we are still living through the formative experience of Covid-19, Guernsey’s Sustainable Finance Week, delivered in an online format, explored these influences and impacts in a series of dialogues around the central issue of the role that private capital will play in financing sustainability post Covid-19.

We explored, amongst many other issues, what implications the responses to the pandemic situation may hold for climate action, and what steps could be taken with private capital to align the immediate response to the sustainability imperative.

Leading figures from the worlds of sustainable finance and private wealth convened to discuss this topic during a series of webinars.

SFW Tuesday

The role of private capital – the big picture

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SFW Wednesday

The role of family offices

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The role of private equity

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