What is Impact Investment?

Impact Investment refers to investments made into companies, organisations and investment funds with the intention of generating a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Examples of this asset class include investment into commercial agriculture, social housing, clean technology and microfinance as well investments into outcomes-based public services.

The impact investment sector has more than $75 billion assets under management, with estimates suggesting this could grow exponentially to $2 trillion, or 1% of global invested assets by 2025.

Impact Guernsey

Impact Guernsey brings together leaders from Guernsey’s financial and professional service communities, together with representatives of the island’s government and regulator. The group aims to actively develop impact investment in Guernsey as the sector moves from niche to mainstream.

We are delighted to be developing a platform to promote this emerging asset class and hope to assist the States of Guernsey in formulating its policy in this area.  - Justin Sykes, Chairman, Impact Guernsey
Use the hashtag #GuernseyForGood to join the conversation about impact investment in the island.

As a first step, Impact Guernsey has circulated a survey to measure the levels of activity and interest in impact investment, both on and off-island. Some of the early examples of impact investment in the island include:

Partners Group, a Switzerland-headquartered global private markets investment manager with an office in Guernsey, has been making social investments since 2006 when its employee foundation, PG Impact, was established.

In 2015, the group decided to institutionalise its impact investing practice through the creation of PG Impact Investments, a Guernsey-domiciled closed-ended collective investment scheme. Whilst seeking to distribute risk-adjusted returns to LP investors all profits from the GP are transferred to PG Impact Investments Foundation to support philanthropic activities.

The investment fund invests via both impact fund managers and directly into social enterprises with a strong focus on emerging markets as its goal is to create impact where the need for it is greatest.