As members of the UN’s Financial Centres for Sustainability network, Guernsey is at the forefront of the development of green and sustainable finance.

Sustainable Finance

Guernsey Green Finance Case Studies

We are fortunate to be blessed with so many far-sighted firms and organisations with strong commitments to sustainability. Read about some of them here.

Bellerive Trust has been involved in impact investment with an agribusiness development project targeting a number of countries in Central Africa. The project takes in more than 10,000 hectares of farming land, which, aside from its agricultural potential, also benefits from the capacity to generate renewable energy from sunlight, creating multiple income streams for stakeholders. There is also the possibility for local residents to benefit from ownership.

In time, there will be scope for:

  • Commercial and residential property developments
  • Sanitation projects
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Enhanced logistics
  • Substantial employment of local residents in sustainable trades and businesses

The overall aims of this project are to offer a sustainable income yield, local economic growth, and enhancements for local quality of life, while reducing food imports and increasing domestic nutritional self-sufficiency. Each project is designed to be self-sustaining and replicable, subject to local awareness, involvement and compliance measures (such as planning laws). Already, we can see a vast improvement in the social, economic and environmental conditions of the nearby residents of these Central African projects which could, in turn, spur innovation and legislative clarification as the economies develop.