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Sustainable Finance

Course Provider: Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Summary: Gives you a holistic business understanding of how best to mitigate the business risks of climate change and oversee a low carbon transition.

Gain the knowledge and skills to combat climate change in your context, and learn to build a business model that is resilient and profitable in the low carbon, resource-efficient economy of the 21st century. By decarbonising your business, you’ll enhance the resilience of your organisation, and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation both now and into the future.

More info: https://www.cisl.cam.ac.uk/education/learn-online/business-and-climate-change-towards-net-zero-emissions-online-short-course 

Location: Remote

Length: 8 weeks, 8-10 hours per week

Cost: £2,200

Course Provider: Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Summary: The University of Cambridge Sustainable Finance online short course offers insight into the role of finance in creating a more sustainable and resilient global economy. 

Over eight weeks, you’ll learn about the pressures and trends affecting the current financial system and investigate the strategic business implications of these social and environmental challenges. You’ll also discover how sustainable finance can open up exciting new opportunities and strategically drive long-term business returns.

More info: https://www.cisl.cam.ac.uk/education/learn-online/sustainable-finance-online

Location: Remote

Length: 8 weeks, 8-10 hours per week

Cost: £2,200

Course Provider: WEA Guernsey / Kay Davidson

Summary: Our impact around the world is significant when we stop and consider the source and origins of all we interact with in our daily lives. From our food choices, the clothes we wear, to the items we use in our homes, our consumption and lifestyle habits need to change to protect and care for this fragile planet.

If you have a strong desire to become more sustainable but are unsure what else you can do, this feel-good course will give you multiple ways to take action. Focusing each week on small practical changes you can adopt, will lead to a reduction in your plastic, chemicals and carbon footprint. We hear a lot about sustainability in the wider context of governments, businesses and manufacturing but what does it mean at the individual, household, level?

We look at developing more sustainable habits in our every day lives here in Guernsey and learn how small changes, when combined, do make a difference. An interactive course finding various ways to achieve desired actions. Feedback and sharing knowledge are important aspects of the course.

More info: https://www.wea.org.gg/product-page/sustainability-for-you

Location: Remote

Length: 5 weeks, 2hrs per week

Cost: £35

Course Provider: MSQ / BIMA / Future Learn

Summary: Help tackle climate change with this guide to carbon footprint measurement, offsetting, and reduction strategies for your company

More info: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/how-to-measure-reduce-and-offset-your-companys-carbon-footprint

Location: Remote

Length: 6 weeks, 3hrs per week

Cost: £55

Course Provider: UK Chartered Institute of Banking

Summary: Updated for 2021-22, Principles and Practice of Green and Sustainable Finance includes the latest assessment of climate science from the IPCC, published in August 2021, which shows that human activities are having unprecedented and irreversible effects on the global climate.

Global surface temperatures are likely to rise under all scenarios by more than 1.5o above pre-industrial levels by 2040 and by more than 2oC later in the century without dramatic and sustainable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. This underpins the urgency and importance of aligning finance with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, and sustainability in general.

In order to tackle this collective challenge, every finance professional needs to develop a knowledge and understanding of green and sustainable finance.

This global, benchmark qualification will help individuals to develop their understanding of, and apply, green and sustainable finance principles and practice in their roles and within the organisation they work for.

More info: https://www.charteredbanker.com/qualification/certificate-in-green-and-sustainable-finance.html

Location: Remote

Length: 12 weeks, to up to a year

Cost: £565

Course Provider: London Business School

Summary: The programme is designed for mid to senior level managers; tasked with or seeking to develop or implement sustainable business practices within their organisation, or aiming to update their management capabilities with new frameworks and perspectives.

More info: Sustainability Leadership & Corporate Responsibility –Online | London Business School

Location: Remote

Length: 6 weeks, 4-5 hours a week

Cost: £1,850

Course Provider: CFA

Summary: The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing offers you both practical application and technical knowledge in the fast-growing field of ESG investing — an opportunity to both accelerate progress and demonstrate purpose.

The certificate and learning materials were developed by leading practitioners for practitioners, and have been recognised by the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), an independent body that seeks to encourage investors to use responsible investment to enhance returns and better manage business risks.

More info: Schoolhttps://www.cfainstitute.org/en/programs/esg-investing

Location: Remote

Length: 100-130 hours of self study

Cost: $675

Course Provider: CISI

Summary: If you are looking for a course that covers what the main definitions are, an understanding of ESG and its integration, greenwashing, what the global developments are and how this might all apply for consumers then this Professional Assessment provides an excellent overview.

Designed by a global team of experts, this course is relevant for wealth and investment managers advising clients but also those working across other financial services functions, including risk, compliance, asset management, banking, insurance, operations and financial planning. Completion of the course will give you a certificate that you can use to demonstrate your competence in this area.

More info: https://www.cisi.org/cisiweb2/cisi-website/study-with-us/professional-assessments/sustainable-and-responsible-investment-professional-assessment

Location: Remote

Length: 6 hours

Cost: £125

Course Provider: GTA - Guernsey Training Agency

Summary: Guernsey is aiming to be one of the pioneering jurisdictions for Green Finance and this course aims to provide an introduction and overview of Green Finance, including Guernsey’s initiatives in this area.

More info: https://gta.gg/course/finance/introduction-to-green-and-sustainable-finance/16923/22-09-2022

Location: Guernsey

Length: Half day

Cost: £195

Course Provider: UN CC:e-Learn

Summary: Covers the basics of Sustainable Finance while providing several opportunities to dive deeper. The course covers sustainable finance instruments, methodologies and frameworks for integrating sustainability into financial decisions, key global sustainable finance initiatives, and sustainable finance regulations.

It is designed for interested participants from governments, academia, the financial sector, businesses, and civil society.

More info: https://unccelearn.org/course/view.php?id=139&page=overview

Location: Remote

Length: 10 hours self study

Cost: Free

Course Provider: UN CC:e-Learn

Summary: The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn) is a joint initiative of more than 30 multilateral organisations helping countries to achieve climate change action both through general climate literacy and applied skills development.

UN CC:Learn provides strategic advice and quality learning resources to help people, governments and businesses to understand, adapt, and build resilience to climate change. UN CC:Learn is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

More info: https://unccelearn.org/course/

Location: Remote

Length: Self study

Cost: Free

Course Provider: University of Oxford & Said Business School

Summary: Learn how to integrate ESG management into business practice.

More info: https://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/programmes/executive-education/online-programmes/oxford-leading-sustainable-corporations-programme

Location: Remote

Length: 7 weeks

Cost: £1,900

Course Provider: PRI Academy

Summary: Why RI is important for trustees and boards, how to develop a RI strategy and understand relationship between ESG analysis and investment decision making

More info: https://priacademy.org/products/ri-for-trustees

Location: Remote

Length: Half Day

Cost: £210

Course Provider: PRI Academy

Summary: The course trains investment professionals to identify and analyse material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and to incorporate these factors into their investment decisions and ownership activities.

More info: https://priacademy.org/products/applied-ri

Location: Remote

Length: 2 Days

Cost: £700

Course Provider: School of International Finance

Summary: Various short courses, usually delivered by a local expert.

More info: https://www.sifs.co.uk/w/uk/

Location: Remote

Length: Various

Cost: Various

Course Provider: ESG Competent Board

Summary: Commit to achieving the highest standard of environment, social and governance (ESG) education. Hear from dozens of renowned global leaders how to contribute more fully to ESG-related conversations in the boardroom.

Learn to minimise risk, create value, enhance resiliency and establish good governance that will take you and your company to higher levels of trust and performance.

More info: https://competentboards.com/

Location: Remote

Length: 6 months, Zoom every 2 weeks

Cost: £3,000