We are home to the Guernsey Green Fund, the world’s first regulated product in this sector, and registrations include some of the largest London-listed renewable energy funds.

Sustainable Finance

Guernsey Green Fund Case Studies

In October 2018, the Cibus Fund became the first to be awarded the Guernsey Green Fund regulatory ‘kitemark’ by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. It closed at more than $320 million following its designation.

“Clearly there were a number of contributing factors, but I do think an important factor in bringing in those later funds, getting investors who were thinking about it to actually commit, was the Guernsey Green Fund designation,” said Jeremy Alun-Jones, Group Chief Operating Officer at ADM Capital.

The Cibus Fund is a private equity vehicle managed by London and Hong Kong-based fund manager ADM Capital, a manager with a track record of investing in the agribusiness sector, looking to reduce the negative impacts of agriculture on the environment. It has followed a thesis-driven approach which shows that demand for high-value food in many of the world’s fastest-growing regions exceeds regional production and processing capacity.