Across Guernsey are our famous 'honesty boxes' where the island's residents sell home-grown produce. These unmanned roadside stalls are successful due to the honest nature of islanders. The same honest nature is seen in the island's trustees, whose character is beyond repute.


Ormers are a traditional and popular Guernsey delicacy. As such the island has strict regulations in place to protect them.

This care is reflected in our fiduciary sector which ensures the interests of beneficiaries are well protected with our robust legislative and regulatory framework.


In 1947 a valley in Guernsey was flooded to create a reservoir. Sometimes, when water levels are low, you can still see the tops of the cottages that stood in the valley.

Not all environmental changes are tangible – changes to Guernsey’s legal environment have been just as significant.

Trust & company

Trust & Company

Guernsey’s robust constitutional, legislative and regulatory framework provides a safe and secure environment for private wealth.

As a British Crown Dependency, the island has independent legal, fiscal and administrative systems and is therefore insulated from the political volatility and fiscal uncertainty in the UK, EU and elsewhere.

Long-established tradition

Guernsey has a long-established tradition of providing specialist wealth management services for sophisticated clients and their families.

Guernsey is home to nearly 150 regulated trust companies, ranging from bank-owned institutions to local boutiques and the diversity, breadth and depth of expertise in the island provides international clients with a one-stop shop for wealth management.

Guernsey practitioners pride themselves in their ability to cater to the holistic requirements of their clients, to fulfil financial, philanthropic and familial needs.

Transparent but private

Guernsey is equally committed to international standards of transparency and our clients’ right to privacy.

Guernsey is compliant with the highest standards of tax transparency, anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. The island was an early adopter of Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and made its first report in 2017. Also in 2017, Guernsey introduced a central register of beneficial ownership of legal entities incorporated and created in Guernsey.

However, we respect an individual’s right to privacy in Guernsey. Guernsey’s central register of beneficial ownership is not public – access is only granted to competent authorities such as law enforcement, tax authorities and other regulatory bodies and only where their interest in the data is legitimate.

"Guernsey is in the leading group of jurisdictions who are active in the practical implementation of tax transparency and co-operation. Their adherence to the internationally accepted standards developed by the OECD means that there is clear and demonstrable criteria against which the OECD can consider them as a cooperative jurisdiction. The fact that Guernsey has been peer reviewed as part of the Global Forum illustrates that other jurisdictions also consider Guernsey transparent and cooperative against those international standards." Pascal Saint-Amans, the OECD's Head of Global Tax Policy

24 Jan 2024

Guernsey Finance Industry Update

Time: 7:30AM - 10AM GMT
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