Across Guernsey are our famous 'honesty boxes' where the island's residents sell home-grown produce. These unmanned roadside stalls are successful due to the honest nature of islanders. The same honest nature is seen in the island's trustees, whose character is beyond repute.


Ormers are a traditional and popular Guernsey delicacy. As such the island has strict regulations in place to protect them.

This care is reflected in our fiduciary sector which ensures the interests of beneficiaries are well protected with our robust legislative and regulatory framework.


In 1947 a valley in Guernsey was flooded to create a reservoir. Sometimes, when water levels are low, you can still see the tops of the cottages that stood in the valley.

Not all environmental changes are tangible – changes to Guernsey’s legal environment have been just as significant.

Trust & company



The Guernsey Association of Trustees (GAT) is the industry representative body for fiduciary licence holders in Guernsey. Our membership largely consists of Trust and Company service providers and individuals in the Bailiwick of Guernsey and fully regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) as either Full or Personal licensees, but also extends to lawyers, accountants, compliance professionals and other individuals locally with an interest in the fiduciary industry.

Through our Association GAT members can comment and help to shape local regulatory and legislative issues affecting the industry. Members also have the opportunity to voice opinion about external issues that affect Guernsey.  Exclusive members-only events encourage networking with peers and GAT Sponsors, keep members up to speed with industry news and provide guidance on the practical application of changes impacting their business.  Members receive monthly newsletters and mailshots directly to their inbox delivering relevant news, events and sponsor articles.  To learn more about GAT and/or to apply to become a member, please visit our website.