Ormers are a traditional and popular Guernsey delicacy. As such the island has strict regulations in place to protect them.

This care is reflected in our fiduciary sector which ensures the interests of beneficiaries are well protected with our robust legislative and regulatory framework.

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Marine Services

Guernsey has a rich maritime history and our financial services industry continues that tradition, offering specialist services to the marine industry. 

The island’s marine HR and payroll industry began more than 60 years ago and since that time, our maritime service providers have acquired the necessary experience and expertise to offer a comprehensive range of services which comply with international standards.  Our expertise encompasses yachting, commercial shipping and port services.


International Payroll Services

Comprehensive solutions are provided for efficient payroll administration using bespoke payroll software, complying with Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006), in accordance with The Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services (Maritime Labour Convention 2006) (Guernsey and Alderney) Ordinance, 2013.

Crew employment and management services

Highest level of services tailored to clients’ specific needs, including: 

Maritime Services Recruitment

Crew recruitment

Maritime Services Jobs

Crew employment and HR management

Maritime Services Training

Crew Training

Maritime Services Visa

Crew travel arrangements and visa support

Maritime Services Wages

Crew payment of wages

Maritime Services Benefits

Employment benefits

Employee Benefit Services

Our specialist service providers are able to offer pensions and international retirements savings plans which are tailored for internationally mobile employees, such as yacht and merchant crew. 

Flag Registration Services

The in-depth knowledge of both EU and Non -EU flag states enables our professional service providers to advise on the best location for registration taking account of factors such as the nationality and residency of the owner, the vessel’s VAT status, tonnage, size and cruising plans.   

Corporate ownership services

Specialist knowledge of corporate structures dovetailed with yachting expertise providing asset protection, estate planning, qualification for flag, discretion or effective management and operation to yacht owners. 


Expert advice on all aspects of yacht ownership and operation including structuring, Import/Export, VAT, sale and purchase. 

Consultancy on yacht crew social security status. 

Yacht Management 

Supporting private and corporate owners, trustees and family offices with a full range of services to both private and commercial yachts including:

Maritime Services Icons 07

Expense administration 

Maritime Services Icons 08

Budgeting & Financial reporting 

Maritime Services Icons 09

Banking, cards and accounting 

Maritime Services Icons 10

Safety and security

Maritime Services Icons 11

Compliance including Mini ISM, Full ISM and ISPS 

Maritime Services Icons 12

Charter administration 

Maritime Services Icons 13

Operational support

Maritime Services Icons 14

Technical support

Maritime Services Icons 15

Refit/repair & planned maintenance

MLC, 2006 Services 

Providing MLC, 2006 services to the owners of commercial yachts and private yachts that want to operate to commercial standards: 

  • Assessment inspection and gap-analysis report ahead of Flag state initial, Intermediate and renewal inspections 
  • Review of Seafarer’s Employment Agreements in accordance with Flag state regulations 
  • Providing MLC, 2006 guidance notes on Port State inspections 
  • MLC, 2006 training and consultancy