Electronic Agents

28 August 2020

The introduction of agent technology, and other related AI systems, are set to entirely transform every facet of everyday life. It has been hailed the “fourth industrial revolution”, and like those that came before it, the technology is likely to be employed by private enterprise ahead of being used at the domestic level. As with any market-leading technology, when it comes to the highly-competitive arena of the marketplace, should a private enterprise fail to adopt the latest technology, the repercussions could be monumental – hindering the performance of the firm and even seeing it left behind. For firms operating in financial services, this is no different. Many firms will be looking to employ the technology to overhaul their existing respective business models, to greatly improve business efficiencies and gain an advantage over competitors.

In 2018 Guernsey’s government and WE ARE GUERNSEY jointly published a set of aims and priorities for its fintech mission - To enable the widespread adoption and application of technology in financial services within a safe and secure environment.

Click the brochure below to learn more about how Guernsey enables the use of electronic agents and artificial intelligence in financial services.

Electronic Agents brochure

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