Family Office Governance - A guide to best practice

12 April 2021

Guernsey has been servicing, administering, and managing private wealth on-island for more than 50 years now, and so has developed something of a well-earned reputation in the sector. We have become well known among family offices globally for meeting most, if not all, of the required parameters to be defined as a ‘jurisdiction of choice’ when it comes to private wealth.

Governance is the backbone of a family office, dictating everything from the investment strategy to the internal decision-making process which influences family members and can impact everything from their net worth to their living standards.

WE ARE GUERNSEY has produced a guide to best practice for single and multiple-family offices as we are keen to address the view that governance is not a major priority. We believe that governance should be seen as a core value and that Guernsey is the natural choice for servicing and administration of a family office.

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Family Office Governance - a guide to best practice

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