Fintech BAU Factsheet

21 July 2020

Like much of the world, Guernsey was placed under economic and social lockdown following the outbreak of Covid-19. After a successful strategy to eradicate all known cases, which resulted in the island becoming the first place in the British Isles to be 'Covid-free', Guernsey's government eased lockdown and returned island-life to normal.

Guernsey Finance has conducted research to ascertain how successful Guernsey-domiciled financial services firms, both local boutiques and multinational corporations operating in the island, managed to continue operating business-as-usual (BAU). The aim of the research was to understand the extent to which financial services did continue BAU and, if so, how important digital and financial technology was.

The results are positive, proving that Guernsey is a resilient and stable, yet flexible, jurisdiction in which to do business. Despite the island being placed under lockdown, thanks to the enabling infrastructure available in Guernsey, business managed to continue BAU with little to no disruption.

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