PCC vs SPC: Guernsey vs Cayman

03 October 2018

Guernsey's world-leading Protected Cell Company (PCC) legislation came into effect in February 1997 - the first the first cell company legislation of its kind anywhere in the world.

The concept underpinning the structure is that the PCC is one legal entity within which there are a series of pools of segregated assets and liabilities. Apart from the cells, there is also a core which is responsible for the management of the structure and has the board of the entity attached to it.

Other jurisdictions have changed the name in an attempt to differentiate, but effectively all cell company legislation globally has been based on that which was originally formulated in Guernsey more than 20 years ago, such as the Cayman Island's Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) concept.

The structure is used across the financial services world as an alternative application for the structuring of many different types of products. Guernsey remains at the forefront of its use and innovation in insurance, investment funds and fiduciary.

Click here to read our brochure, which compares Guernsey PCC and Cayman's SPC structures.


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