Reinsurance and ILS

27 August 2019

Guernsey's insurance sector is pioneering and innovative, boasting a position of leadership in the structuring and execution of alternative risk transfer.

The global financial centre has a long and distinguished history in the insurance industry, from the establishment of some of the world’s first captive insurers in the early part of the 20th century to the introduction of the world’s first protected cell company (PCC) legislation in 1997.

Now Guernsey is at the forefront again, providing the perfect location for the establishment of a new breed of reinsurers.

Its long track record and existing expertise gained in the investment funds and insurance sectors are also optimised and combined in its insurance-linked securities offering. Fund managers and promoters with capital to deploy are brought together with transformation managers who understand insurance risk.

We have combined our reinsurance and ILS literature into one handy brochure. Click here to download it.

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