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Head of Locate Guernsey is named

26 October 2015

The head of the team to promote Guernsey as a relocation destination has been announced.

Richard Le Tocq, who is also Chairman of the Guernsey branch of the Institute of Directors (IoD), will lead Locate Guernsey, which has a mandate to encourage businesses and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) to move to the Island.

Locate Guernsey's aim is to enhance Guernsey's economy through the arrival of businesses that bring employment opportunities as well as the relocation of wealthy individuals. Mr Le Tocq, who has 25 years' experience working in Guernsey's financial services sector, has an excellent track record in senior roles in business. He will take up his post in early January 2016.

"I have been extremely supportive and interested in this project since its inception and am delighted to be given the opportunity to head up the Locate Guernsey initiative," said Mr Le Tocq.

"Locate Guernsey will be the most effective if it works collaboratively with on-island businesses, so getting these partnerships established will be a key part of my role. Seeking out and securing leads is of course vital, and I want Locate Guernsey to be doing this as part of a supportive Guernsey business community. I know there's a great deal of positive feeling towards the Locate Guernsey concept and I'm looking forward to building on that very strong foundation."

The Island's Commerce and Employment Department has received more than 50 relocation enquiries from off-island businesses and individuals, since the start of the year which have been managed by its officers working under the Locate Guernsey banner. Of these, five have translated into actual relocations yielding positive economic and employment benefits for Guernsey, with an additional 25 which are currently live and investigating locating in Guernsey. In these instances, Locate Guernsey assists by providing advice requested by enquirers and, if required, facilitating meetings and introductions to Governmental and other contacts.

Mr Le Tocq will be supported in his work by a network of Locate Guernsey business representatives. These will be individuals who will carry the Locate Guernsey message as Island ambassadors as an extension of their professional roles, as well as dedicated support personnel, who will be appointed on a contract basis to utilise expertise in different business areas. This will help to maximise profile for Locate Guernsey and will also generate new opportunities.

The Locate Guernsey team is also being expanded with the appointment of a business executive whose role will be to run the Locate Guernsey back office operation in support of the promotional and leadership role to be undertaken by Mr Le Tocq. He will be further supported by ongoing help from the Commerce and Employment Department's Business Relationship Manager who currently assists businesses that are looking to set up operations in the Island.

The department, ahead of these appointments, has been in collaboration with key stakeholders and already produced Locate Guernsey promotional material. This includes electronic and hard copy brochures, an information rich web portal - and the creation of a Locate Guernsey brand to support all of these. The brand and the various Locate Guernsey messages have also been promoted at events on and off-island that reach the key target audiences.

Guernsey's Commerce and Employment Minister Kevin Stewart said: "My Department has been busy on Locate Guernsey for some months now but with Richard's appointment there will be a significant upturn in activity. Along with the recent announcement of the location of the Digital Greenhouse, this expansion of dedicated Locate Guernsey resources underlines how important the department views proactivity and business development. We expect each project to be very positive for the other and Locate Guernsey will lead to enhanced business flows into Guernsey."

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