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Guernsey entrepreneurs aim to revolutionise online investing

11 April 2016

The founders of Guernsey investment company RAW Capital Partners have had leading roles in the launch of a new online investment service by fintech firm Wealthify.

Richard Avery-Wright and Dennis Stoller are part of a group of entrepreneurs, investment and technology experts who have seen an opportunity to transform the UK investment market, resulting in the launch of Wealthify.

Together they formed RAW Capital Partners four years ago and are now involved with the Cardiff-based firm Wealthify, which aims to give UK investors access to global financial market returns.

The new service is open to anyone with any amount to invest and requires zero investment knowledge. Customers follow a simple online process to sign up in minutes. Behind the scenes, Wealthify experts build personal investment plans aligned to an individual's attitude to risk, then invest, monitor and manage their money for them every day. The service is built for the digital age, allowing users to check their investment plans on a phone or tablet, and withdraw or deposit funds 24 hours a day.

"Our research has shown saving habits in the UK are worryingly poor and most do not have even a basic safety net to cover them if something unexpected happens," said Richard Avery-Wright, Chairman of Wealthify and Co-Founder of RAW Capital Partners.

"Those that do save are typically stuck in low-interest saving accounts or cash ISAs where they get very little return on their money because of either lack of time or knowledge. High fees, complex processes and minimum investment thresholds have excluded them from traditional wealth management services."

Dennis Stoller, Investment Manager at Wealthify and Co-Founder of RAW Capital Partners, added: "We believe we've developed a user-friendly and convenient online service which gives our investors complete flexibility and control over their savings and investments."

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