Ease of business sees Guernsey registry add another Boeing jet

27 September 2017

Fortune Global 500 company HNA group has, via its subsidiaries Hongkong Jet and BAS Guernsey (BASG), endorsed its positive view of Guernsey by registering another jet with the island's aircraft registry 2-REG.

Luxury corporate Boeing 737 jet 2-BASG is the latest addition to BASG’s air operator certificate (AOC) and can now be offered for commercial charter alongside 787 Dreamliner 2-DEER, which was registered in Guernsey earlier this year. More privately-owned aircraft are expected to follow.

Speaking to the Guernsey Press, Hongkong Jet and BASG Chief Executive Denzil White said the Guernsey registry was very responsive and showed very high standards.

“Response times are critical to us as a business. When we were looking at registering the 787 in Hong Kong, we were told it would take 15 months - Guernsey did it in three days," said Mr White.

“We are a dynamic, global business and have clients worldwide - we cannot afford to have an unresponsive regulator. We need quick decision-making and that is what we get in Guernsey."

BASG are looking at adding aircraft to its certificate at a rate of three or four per year as of 2018.

“This year was meant just to be one plane – now it is already two and we have other parties interested,” Mr White added. “We are wonderfully happy with the service, from the regulatory point of view it’s been a wonderful experience.”

2-BASG recently called into Guernsey on a test flight, completing the final stages of its certification on the register.

Guernsey’s decision to allow the issuing of AOCs has already set it apart from its offshore registry rivals and was another key factor in attracting Hongkong Jet.

Gus Paterson, Director of Civil Aviation for the Channel Islands, whose office issues the AOC certification, said such business relationships were very important to the island’s aviation industry.

“This is a major opportunity for Guernsey in developing a relationship with BASG and HNA. It is great for us to have a 737 on the register and it should be a good money earner for us. The inspection flight was also a good opportunity for us to test our processes,” Mr Paterson said.

2-BASG is expected to fly between 600 and 800 hours a year on a corporate charter at a guide price of $16,000 an hour. More expensive and upmarket jets will fly perhaps just a third of those hours. It has just 26 passenger seats and three lounges on board.

Mike Walsh, Chief Executive of Asia Jet, whose parent company is Hongkong Jet, also recently provided Guernsey with a glowing reference as a member of the panel at ‘Ganbei Guernsey’, Guernsey Finance’s event to celebrate the first year of its representative office in Hong Kong.

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