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Guernsey Green Finance Launches 20 for 20 Group of Green Business Leaders

03 April 2019

In a move aimed at catalysing action on green and sustainable finance, Guernsey Green Finance has launched its 20 for 20 Business Leaders for Sustainable Finance Network.

The aim of the network, launched today, is to build a community of business leaders and influencers committed to action to catalyse the development of Guernsey’s green and sustainable finance sector. As a requirement of membership, each business leader pledges to support strategic action on green and sustainable finance; promoting the cause of green and sustainable finance in their personal actions; and to support the work and goals of Guernsey Green Finance.

Guernsey Green Finance and the Guernsey Financial Services Commission launched the world-first Guernsey Green Fund product in 2018, which provides a means of identifying investment vehicles which meet its eligibility criteria for green investing.

The first three joining the 20 for 20 Group and committing objectives of Guernsey Green Finance in this way are Julian Winser, Chief Executive Officer at Cazenove Capital in the Channel Islands; Wayne Bulpitt, Joint Chair of Guernsey-based consultancy Active Optimus Group and Chair of the Guernsey Community Foundation; and Fiona Le Poidevin, Chief Executive of The International Stock Exchange Group.

Dr Andy Sloan, Chairman of Guernsey Green Finance, said: “Creating a group of ‘movers and shakers’ supporting the work of Guernsey Green Finance and promoting the cause of climate finance, reflects the Guernsey DNA of action not words. Having Wayne, Julian and Fiona on board from the get-go truly reflects the depth of support for the development of green and sustainable finance amongst Guernsey’s business community.”

Guernsey Green Finance is a member of United Nations’ Financial Centres For Sustainability (FC4S), a network of the world’s leading finance centres seeking to accelerate green and sustainable finance.

Mr Winser said: “I have had a focus on ethical and socially responsible investing in my career, and a long-standing belief in this sector and its ability to influence change for the better at a global level.”

Mr Bulpitt has enjoyed a career in banking and fund management. He founded Active Group in Guernsey in 2002 and has long been a passionate supporter of philanthropy and volunteering, and was awarded the CBE in 2017. He is also a director of Global Farmland Fund, Guernsey’s second fund to be accredited through the Guernsey Green Fund.

“Green and sustainable finance is an important personal issue for me and I’m pleased to be able to play a part in its development in Guernsey through the 20 for 20 Group,” he said.

Mrs Le Poidevin is a former Chief Executive of Guernsey Finance, and, in her current role, has introduced TISE GREEN, a market segment of The International Stock Exchange, showcasing listed investments which create a positive environmental impact.

She said: “It is vitally important that we take climate change seriously. Guernsey’s finance industry is committing itself to action with the introduction of products like the Guernsey Green Fund and TISE GREEN which enhance the visibility of, and provide an evaluation framework for, such investments.

“I hope that participating in this excellent initiative will help to both build on and promote Guernsey’s affirmative action in this crucial area.”

20 for 20 members will support leadership development and green finance education in the island. Guernsey Green Finance is organising a conference in the island later this year, and rolling out education courses from the spring, with the aim to increase understanding of sustainable business and how Guernsey can support its development, both on and off the island.

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