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Solid foundations in place and rapid progress made – Guernsey’s self-assessment on green and sustainable finance published

07 October 2019

Using the framework developed by the UN Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S) Network, Guernsey Green Finance, Guernsey’s strategic initiative on green finance established by Guernsey Finance, has published a jurisdictional self-assessment of progress towards establishing itself as a leading global centre for green finance.

The report identifies that Guernsey has moved quickly, through the creation of Guernsey Green Finance, and has been able to exploit its connected institutional foundations to rapidly develop green and sustainable finance products and services, while working to promote and raise awareness of the cause among its finance sector community.    

The report states: “Through the enthusiasm and widespread stakeholder support for Guernsey Green Finance, it has already created the solid foundations of a supportive environment for the development of sustainable finance and put in place a clear and coherent strategy. It has also achieved notable success in product development such as TISE GREEN, the green-listed section of its securities exchange, and demonstrated global leadership with the creation of the Guernsey Green Fund regulatory regime.”

Dr Andy Sloan, Chair of Guernsey Green Finance, said: “In a short time, we have positioned ourselves well and are ready for the surge in global demand for sustainable finance. It is important that we ensure resources are in place to enable us to make the most of this economic opportunity and to maximise our contribution to climate change mitigation.”

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