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Sustainable Finance Week top 10 takeaways - day one

16 June 2021

It’s clear that debate has shifted from what to expect from, to what it means that now that the world’s biggest economy, the United States, is back in the global climate tent. The watchwords of the day were: collaboration and action. If you missed Day one of  this 2021's Sustainable Finance Week, here’s 10 key takeaways from the day: 

  1. ESG is at the heart of the debate about the future of capitalism.  

  2. The year delay to COP26 has galvanised support. It’s an Olympic year, COP26 is ‘where we get fit’. It is where we come together. 

  3. The need for global collaboration is absolutely key. Let’s not make perfection the enemy of good.  

  4. The financial service sector has shown what can be achieved. What the world needs now is one set of standards. Cop26 could really break this log jam.  

  5. Finance should be at the heart of COP26. Getting the biggest pools of capital moving together is the single biggest challenge.  

  6. Translating emissions into something we can measure is key. This means greater disclosure, stronger governance, rigorous auditing, which leads to clearer risk / returns (accountability). The markets will price the rest.  

  7. Expect agreement on global accounting standards this year. This is an important step in informing the investment making process.  

  8. Divestment is not the same as net zero. Engagement is going to be key, especially in emerging markets.  

  9. For corporates, the opportunity is to use greater disclosure to show businesses are ready for the economy of the future. 

  10. How we decide to fund the transition is very important. How we make it ‘just’ is equally important. The public and private spheres need to come together to achieve this. 
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