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Sustainable Finance Week top 10 takeaways - day two

16 June 2021

In case you couldn’t attend day two of our Sustainable Finance Week, here are our top 10 takeaways from the day with Rennie Hoare, Fabio Sofia and many more.

  1. We’ve passed the tipping point on sustainable investment - there’s no way back.

  2. We are beginning to see the fruits of our performance as a result of concerted efforts by companies (and by extension, investors) to be greener global participants.

  3. Investment opportunities in the climate space are growing.

  4. Young mindsets, which are most aligned to sustainable goals, are having a positive effect on the attitudes of older investors towards sustainable investments. This is the future.

  5. Sustainability is embedded across private clients’ demands of their investment strategies.

  6. We cannot ignore fundamentally sound investment principles. Balance is key.

  7. Activists may set the agenda, but private wealth has the responsibility to carry it forward and lead change with stakeholders.

  8. Intentionality is key to driving comprehensive engagement with sustainable investing. What are your goals?

  9. For companies, third party governance is critical to ensure we are meeting stated climate goals.

  10. We have crossed the Rubicon of sustainable investing – whether due to client demand, public scrutiny or increasing regulation, it’s not going anywhere.
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