New Chair of Guernsey Green Finance Strategy Group announced

31 January 2022

Deputy Nick Moakes

Deputy Nick Moakes has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Guernsey Green Finance Strategy Group.

Guernsey Green Finance was launched in 2018 and is Guernsey’s sustainable finance initiative. Guernsey is strongly committed to the sustainable finance agenda as a member of United Nation’s Finance Centres for Sustainability Global Network, the Network for Greening the Financial System and the UN’s Sustainable Insurance Forum.  

Deputy Moakes, who is Chair of the Financial Services Forum and also the financial lead for the Committee for Economic Development, is known for his support of the green/blue economy and sustainable finance. 

“I’m absolutely delighted to accept the role of Chairman of Guernsey Green Finance,” he said. “2021 was an excellent year for green and sustainable initiatives in Guernsey with some key achievements that have well and truly cemented Guernsey on the global stage as a leader in sustainable finance.  

“I am genuinely passionate that Guernsey adopts more renewables and I’d like to see an acceleration in the expansion of Guernsey’s green and blue initiatives. I see my role as Chairman as a way of enhancing communications between government, business and finance, and aligning perfectly with the aims and aspirations of the States of Guernsey’s plans to adopt a more sustainable approach.”

Guernsey Green Finance

Stephanie Glover, Head of Sustainable Finance at Guernsey Finance, who has been interim chair of the group since August 2021, welcomed his appointment and said: “Having Deputy Moakes’ representation on the Green Strategy Group will enable the creation of a greater connection between the States of Guernsey Climate Change Action Plan and the green finance community.

“It is vital that Guernsey continues to develop its own sustainable journey. Guernsey Green Finance was delighted that the States of Guernsey jointly announced with the UK at COP26 that they had reached an agreement in principle to extend the UK's ratification of the Paris Agreement to Guernsey. 

“This will facilitate the marketing of Guernsey as a jurisdiction for sustainability as well as a global leader in sustainable finance.

“The achievements across the specialist sectors in Guernsey such as the ESG Framework for insurers have enabled Guernsey to differentiate its international finance offering, which is perfectly aligned with the role of Economic Development for Guernsey.”

Guernsey Green Finance is the initiative through which Guernsey Finance delivers on Guernsey's strategic commitment to sustainable finance.  

As a responsible global citizen, it is Guernsey’s intention to contribute its expertise and experience as a global finance centre to the fulfilment of these goals through the work of Guernsey Green Finance – our dedicated initiative to green and sustainable finance.

Some key achievements in green and sustainable finance in Guernsey in 2021 include: 

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